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RE: [IP] Nearing a choice

I have a minimed, and as far as i am concerned, whatever works for you.

As far as the click goes... under clothes, or even on your belt at RENT
the other night, i did not hear it.  It is nice, when you "tune it in" if
you are unsure that you are bolusing..

	In regard to the teh comment.
>Disetronic is made in Switzerland..Best clock parts in the world <
True, some of hte best clock companies are in Switzerland, but i worked
for a Company called MicroCrystal, which was in the US and they were/are
the sister co to SWATCH and i had to deal with the switzerland office
quite often, and our crystal oscillators (in all pagers, cel phones,
keyless entry...etc...) were made in teh US...  Kinda like Toyota cars--
they are a japaneese company, but the cars (some number of them at least)
are made in Kentucky.

	Both pump insulin, and both help control diabtes.  Ginny, it
almost sounds like you are *Definately* happier on the D than the MM, and
maybe your moods are indicative to your sugars.  Both are good pumps, both
have their perks and downfalls.. So whichever one you choose, choose it
becuase it is you.  That will probably make more sense later...

Hope this helps

Julie	22Y/O Dx 14 years
pumping 3 weeks, almost a month!

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