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Re: [IP] pump wars

At 05:00 PM 2/26/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
>I know I am new to this group, but I can see that the tensions get high when
>the discussion of pumps come up. As a Mom trying to decide which is best from
>my child, I like seeing both sides of the story- even if it is only your own
>opinion. I don't see it as pump-bashing. In fact most of the time you all seem
>very diplomatic about it. I was very sold on one of them before hearing about
>some of the features of the other (that I didnt know before, and learned
>here). Isnt this was this group is all about? I feel like it is very
>therapeutic to everyone to hear all sides of the story. I don't want to offend
>anyone being new and all...but I thought you would like to hear my opinion
>from a "fresh" perspective.  ?? Maybe not.

Information is good, as long as it's factual. The problem comes in when it 
is just personal opinion that is expressed. When we've invested $5,000 in a 
system we all want to justify this decision to ourselves and to everyone 
else. After all, it is just human nature to want to believe that we've made 
the correct choice.

As long as you recognize that the sources here are very biased and you try 
to look at both sides honestly, then you can make a rational choice. Just 
make sure, however, that you are dealing with real facts, not just personal 
opinion (which may or may not be true).


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