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[IP] pump wars

I know I am new to this group, but I can see that the tensions get high when
the discussion of pumps come up. As a Mom trying to decide which is best from
my child, I like seeing both sides of the story- even if it is only your own
opinion. I don't see it as pump-bashing. In fact most of the time you all seem
very diplomatic about it. I was very sold on one of them before hearing about
some of the features of the other (that I didnt know before, and learned
here). Isnt this was this group is all about? I feel like it is very
therapeutic to everyone to hear all sides of the story. I don't want to offend
anyone being new and all...but I thought you would like to hear my opinion
from a "fresh" perspective.  ?? Maybe not.

I appreaciate your knowledge! Thanks

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