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RE: [IP] Sillouette Question

At 01:41 PM 2/26/1999  Delau, Paul wrote:
>That's what I thought too.  But, I too was having trouble inserting the
>Silhouette on my right side.  One time I even bent the introducer needle.  I
>called the help-line, but they couldn't offer me much information.  What
>they DID tell me, however, was that the needle should always point towards
>your navel.

I've heard this one before. But, in my experience (9 months), I've never 
found any changes with the direction that I point the set. Since you aren't 
going into the muscle layer, I wouldn't think that the direction would make 
much difference. (However, I'd be glad to revise my opinion in the face of 
any medical evidence to the contrary).

Sometimes the line that the customer service people put out is on the 
ultra-conservative side. In other words they are just covering their 
backsides. What I would recommend is to try it... test often and see if it 
makes a difference for you. If it doesn't make a difference, then you've 
just learned a new trick.


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