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[IP] News on FDA-Minimed Glucose Sensor Hearing

Some news from today's meeting in Maryland regarding a continuous
reading glucose sensor:

It looks likely that the continuous glucose sensor will get passed by the
FDA.  There are some issues which seem silly to me, like blood sugar
read from interstitial fluid (some are writing intestinal!) will be on a
different scale than that read from meters, but that is also an issue for
the testing devices we currently use since they read capillary blood and
hospital tests read blood from the vein.

Anyway the first monitor out would be for hospitals only for doctors who
get training on them.  By the end of 2000, a continuous meter for
should be out by Minimed, which will be mated soon after that to read out
on the pump so we don't have to use two meters, and the last step would
be to mate the meter and the pump but I think there a lot of issues with
that, such as how to raise the sugar when it's dropping besides just
it when it's rising -- maybe a syringe full of glucose and one full of


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TRW Systems / Nightvision Labs
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