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Re: [IP] Nearing a choice

I'm going to wade in here with my hip-boots on.

Every time one of these threads gets started we end up with an extended 
discussion, which often gets quite emotional. I call it "Pump Wars". It's 
sort of like the endless and fruitless battles between PC vs Mac or Ford vs 
Chevy. In the end, I don't think that we help anyone this way. So, let's 
not do it here.

Here are my suggestions.

1. Don't talk about any pump unless you have had personal experience with 
it as a user. And, don't ever bash the other brand.

2. Remember that both pumps work perfectly well and that there are 
thousands of users for each brand.

3. Each person is different and has different needs. What works for you may 
not work for someone else.

4. What's more important than the brand of pump is the user. A pump is only 
a tool and will work no better than the operator allows it to: your 
education and motivation is crucial.

5. No matter which brand you pick, you will like the pump that you have.

6. Talk to both your medical support team and the factory reps. Unless you 
like to be an adventurer, go with the pump for which you get the most local 


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