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[IP] Death rate from diabetes up in U.S.

     Feb. 25 -  The death rate from diabetes has risen by 30 percent since 
     1980, while spending on diabetes research has fallen, researchers said 
     Thursday. A report by the Diabetes Research Working Group, set up by 
     Congress and including scientists, doctors, lobbyists and patients, 
     said there are several areas of research that offer great promise if 
     the right funding gets there.    
     AMONG THE promising avenues for research are tissue transplants that 
     might offer a cure, gene therapy, and greater understanding of 
     obesity, one of the biggest causes of type-II diabetes.
     An estimated 135 million people worldwide, and 16 million Americans, 
     have diabetes. Most have the type-II or non-insulin dependent form, in 
     which the body does not respond properly to insulin and cannot manage 
     blood fat and sugar levels.
     The report said 200,000 Americans die every year from diabetes and 
     that the disease costs $100 billion in medical care and other expenses 
     every year. It can cause blindness, limb loss and other problems.
     "In both human and economic terms, diabetes has become a national 
     public health crisis," George Nethercutt, a Washington Republican 
     member of Congress who heads the Congressional diabetes caucus, told a 
     news conference.
     "Over the last two decades, funding for diabetes has not kept up with 
     the scientific opportunities or public needs."
     Full story available at: http://www.msnbc.com/news/244771.asp

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