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RE: [IP] Nearing a choice

U have both pumps and here are my reasons for deciding to primarily use the

1. Supplies are delivered without delay.  (Minimed was taking upwards of 2 -
6 weeks to deliver supplies).

When MiniMed was questioned as to why the delay, they told me that the
Insurance department had to get approval prior to sending.  Well MiniMed was
approved for One year of supplies, someone isn't entirely truthful!

2. The support from my local Disetronic rep is excellent, He returns calls
on the next business day.  With MiniMed our rep for this area has an
extremely large area and sometimes you can't get in touch with him for days.

3.  The pump is watertight and I can wear it swimming, bathing, etc., etc.

4. Disetronic does not give me the run around when I call, I get a response
immediately and with out having to be transferred to every extension in the

5.  While MiniMed holds 83% of the US Market, Disetronic holds 83% +/- of
the World Wide market.

6.  The Disetronic pulses insulin every 3 minutes, no matter what the basal,
MiniMed calculates the hourly basal and divides it into the hour using 0.1
units as the basal pulse.  Hence, if you were to be getting 0.4 u/hr you
would receive 0.1 u every 15 min, with the Disetronic you get 0.02 every 3

7. No annoying clicks!

8. Secure cartridge delivery system, screws in place, the MiniMed rests
inside the pump with a hinged door protecting it.  The door has been the
number one complaint amongst MiniMed users according to the FDA for pump
problems / breakdowns.  It breaks off.

Both pumps are very good, it all comes down to personal preference.

Best of Luck in your decision.


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