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[IP] another show with D

I know that i am not that old (21 he he)  but i always watched that show
"Night Court" and it really caught my eye when i was in the hospital when
Dx'd with D it see an episode where Ross, was dx'd with diabetes (i heard
but not sure that it really happend) and i think it showed a common thread
of how we all felt at one time or another, I know this all to well of my
dad saying "hay come look at this b=my boy has a pump." or people wanting
to watch my give a shot or check my BG.
I don't mind this at all now but when i was first Dx'd i found it VERY

Anyone else see this..

My pest point in the show was where ross said "did you want to watch" when
she was about to give a shot (she also said it SNOTTY  he he) and ofcourse
Bull said " FOR FREE?"  he he

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