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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #837

I'm not sure I understand the difference between "plasma" and "blood" testing
between the One Touch and Accu Check.  I have used a One Touch for 10 years and
really like the Profile tester.  Since getting the MiniMed pump a few months
ago, at my last doc's appt. she had an AccuCheck tester for me (apparently Roche
and MiniMed have some deal).  I've started using it and so far I like it better
than the Profile because it keeps much better records, such as exercise time and
intensity, carbos, insulin basal and bolus rates.  It even charts out your blood
sugar records for you along with the averages.  Some "talk" on our site
mentioned that they thought the AccuCheck measured higher blood sugars than the
Profile.  I have found just the opposite, in fact, thought the AccuCheck was way
off until I started double-testing with both meters for a few days.  They were
off by just a few points each time.
So, what's the deal with plasma vs. blood testing?

I think testing whole blood and showing
a "plasma-like" value is bad.  Since
meters have tested and report whole
blood for years, I don't think the
argument of more "lab like" has any value
since people with dm are used to whole
blood values.

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