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Re: [IP] It all seems very hard . . .

> I'm just at the stage of investigating pumps, and from watching the
> messages in my InBox over the last week I'm getting the impression
> that this is all quite complicated and time-consuming.  I've also
> noticed that it's obviously worth the effort, but am just wondering
> is it just the beginning that takes a lot of dedication?  How long
> until it's all old hat?

Don't be so cynical. When my daughter was 11 and we were on our way 
back from the Dr's office after putting insulin in her pump for the 
first time. He immediate request as we drove away from the Dr's 
office was to stop at Mac Donalds for and apple pie. 

Hmm.... took her about 10 minutes to adjust as I remember. She's 15 
now, the last time she asked me for pump advice was a  few weeks ago.

Well.... it's not quite that easy. Once you have carb counting 
mastered, which takes a couple of weeks to get used to and a couple 
of months to be really proficient, it will all be old hat. There are 
always continuing "challenges" but that's part of life.

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