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Re: [IP] Nearing a choice

> There aren't as many of us Disetronic users, but here it goes.  The
> biggest Disetronic advantage is it's waterproof - great for long
> days at the beach or pool when disconnecting would mean going back
> to shots, or frequent connect /disconnections with a minimed, or a
> sportspack that looks a bit bulky.

This is a common misconception. You can take your pump off for 
extended periods of time, particularly with water sports. You lose 
tremendous amounts of energy when the skin is in direct contact with 
water - so much so that it is sometimes necessary to consume carbo to 
maintain normal blood sugars in the absence of insulin. Lily 
disconnects for all water sports and beach trips and only re-connects 
if she wishes to snack or eat. No "bulky" pump to carry around in her 
swim suit. If she sits on the beach in the sun for a long time or 
goes to the cabin/campsite/wherever, she will reconnect the set - 
which is no big deal anyway.

It is not a productive exercise for users of one pump to knock the 
other. Both are fine pieces of equipment and the choice of which to 
use is really a matter of personal preference. There is no difference 
in utility of one pump vs the other, no matter what the marketing 
hype is. Given the choice, I certainly would not repeatedly expose a 
several thousand dollar piece of equipment to water (salt or fresh) 
unless there were no other choice (there is, disconnect). The water 
resistance or water proofness of one pump vs the other is marginal at 
best. Both can leak and both are designed to resist damage caused by 
in-advertent submersion. Disetronics claim of "waterproof" is really 
minimally better than MM's. You wouldn't go skindiving wearing either 
without possibly flooding the case. 

Truly water proof devices are designed to resist water pressure of at 
least 100 feet and usually 100 meters (300+ feet). 

Both of these devices are excellent pieces of equipment that perform 
their function well. If you individually prefer you buttons and 
screens one way vs another, that's fine. Don't knock someone elses 
choice. Consider the sharp and pointy alternatives to either pump.

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