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RE: [IP] Nearing a choice

Actually, where it is made is of very little interest to me, but it is
important to some people.

I don't have the literature here with me at work, but I remember a writeup
where they were comparing a SoftSet type of set (MiniMed) to the
Disetronic's version of the Silhouette.  They were comparing length of
canula, overall height, etc. etc.  It was really an apples-to-oranges type
of comparison.

To Disetronic's benefit, however, a piece of the MiniMed literature states
that NO pump is 100 percent waterproof.  So, who really knows what to

And yes, the MiniMed batteries are tricky to get in.

Paul Delau
Minnetonka MN

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> I don't understand about what you mean about Disetronic's misleading
> comparison
> of infusion sets.  
> Ginny whos BGs were better on the D pump
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