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RE: [IP] Nearing a choice

I have both pumps so can compare them:
Disetronic batteries easier to put in. The batteries for Minimed may be
available but we had to go to 3 different stores to find 3 batteries. I have
arthritis so changing MiniMed batteries is more difficult for me

MiniMed backlit screen can only be used in very dark room. I don't find I
really use it as much as I thought I would. 

Sqaurewave bolus isn't used as much as I was told I would be using it. So I
have not found that to be an advantage for me. IF the square waves and dual
waves are being used in order to eat foods I shouldn't eat regularly in the
first place then in my opinion that feature defeats the purpose.

I don't understand about what you mean about Disetronic's misleading
of infusion sets.  

Disetronic doesn;t click but it makes a little softer sound when delivering.
The click bothers me in the MiniMed

Disetronic is made in Switzerland..Best clock parts in the world PLUS the
company provides 2 pumps..for same cost..I really liked this feature. We have
decided not to get rid of my D pump because when my bgs go too high on the
MiniMed (for which we still do not understand) I put on my D pump.
I really like the D pump and am wondering why my docotr wanted me to switch. I
found out he knows nothing about the Disetronic pump. I wish he would learn so
his patients can make good choices. But he pushes the MiniMed which makes me
wonder if he has financial interest in it..

Actually..pick the pump you like the best fopr you. I would have been happier
if my Disetronic would have been upgraded. I'll save my money and wait to see
what they come out with and go back to the D pump..
Ginny whos BGs were better on the D pump

At 08:58 AM 2/26/99 , you wrote:
>The attributes that caused me to choose the MiniMed are -
>1) Batteries are available everywhere.
>2) Backlit screen - great in a dark restaurant.
>3) Square wave bolus.
>4) Disetronics misleading comparison of two different types of infusion
>5) The clicks confirm that everything's OK.
>6) MiniMed is made in the US.
>Paul Delau
>Minnetonka MN
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>> I have finally been approved by my insurance company for 100% payment of
>> the
>> pump.  Now my question is, which pump?  I have been reading the mail on
>> this
>> site, have watched the video and am still confused.   The guy from the
>> infusion company is coming over my house tomorrow to demonstrate both
>> pumps.
>> I think seeing exactly how each one works, how to fill the insulin, etc.
>> will
>> help me make a decision.  I tend to favor the disetronics but feel that
>> the
>> square or dual wave bolus might be a plus for the minimed.   I was
>> wondering
>> whether anyone can think of any questions to ask or any features to be
>> demonstrated that might help me make a decision.  I am hoping to be
>> pumping
>> within the next few weeks.  Scared but excited.  Ronee
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