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Re: [IP] Nearing a choice

There aren't as many of us Disetronic users, but here it goes.  The biggest
Disetronic advantage is it's waterproof - great for long days at the beach
or pool when disconnecting would mean going back to shots, or frequent
connect /disconnections with a minimed, or a sportspack that looks a bit
bulky.  Jenna just slides her D into her swimsuit, and the Spandex makes it
stay put.  The insulin cartridge drops straight in, I've read messages about
getting the "wings" on the insulin cartridges of MM to be in place properly,
no such problem with D.  Also MM people complain about battery doors coming
off- batteries on D screw into place and stay put, no doors at all on the
pump to come off.  D delivers insulin more frequently, in smaller boluses,
so if you miss a delivery pulse because you're disconnected for a few
minutes, you don't miss quite as much insulin. D beeps each time the bolus
button is pressed, so it is easy to set boluses through clothes without
taking the D out to look at the screens to give boluses at restaurants.  It
also gives confirmation beeps, so it does let you know it's working when it
delivers the insulin (though there aren't any clicks).  It's not quite as
cute as a MM, but it is the same size, and Jenna keeps hers in her pocket
anyways and doesn't much care how it looks.  Our service from D has been
good.  And the best part is 2 pumps, so that if one breaks, you've always
got that backup.  Good Luck!
Nancy Morgan, Jenna's mom, dx'ed 2/98, pumping since 9/98 with Disetronics
and Humalog/Velosulin mix

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