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Re: [IP] Anybody watching ER?

yes Harry, I saw the same episode... some issues were real, some were
1. who/what was going to shell out 5k for the pump if the little girl
couldn't get a steady supply of test strips etc...
2. test only 3 times a day with shots??? 
3. the sadness of the little girl in that one scene in her yard... that
broke my heart...
4. at 280 for a while, wouldn't want a child of mine jogging!!! not unless
she was able to get down to under 225!!!
5. at the wake, she piled a plate with foods that she loved, her actions
told the story... then giving the plate to her grandma... so true of D kids
on shots... build a plate of all your favorites then give it away because
the shot says it's not time to eat yet...

the actress that played the part was excellent... script could have used a
little research...

Ellen B-C

At 10:47 PM 2/25/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Dr. Benton wanted to get the little girl an insulin pump!  He sort of
>mumbled "subcutaneous insulin delivery device" so i doubt most laymen
>know that he meant a pump.
>He was also kinda miffed that she hadnt gotten any insulin or test strip
>supplies in the month since diagnosis; thus wasnt testing 3x per day!
>She was 280 when tested.  If so she easily would have been in DKA and
>probably dead.
> I remember when i was diagnosed at age 9, i was over 1500 when finally
>admitted to ICU, and wasnt expected to live through the night.  I was
>down with the chicken pox and my pediatrician didnt recognize the
>signs...that was until i finally fell into unconsciousness in his
>waiting room..  You know, drinking 2 gallons of Kool Aid per sitting,
>peeing 24/7, and lighter by 30+ pounds.  I couldnt even stand up to be
>weighed for at least a week's time due to all of the muscle loss.
>FYI...  Dr. Benton just took her in to see the an endo about getting a
>pump!  Should be nice for the overall exposure!
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