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[IP] Anybody watching ER?

Dr. Benton wanted to get the little girl an insulin pump!  He sort of
mumbled "subcutaneous insulin delivery device" so i doubt most laymen
know that he meant a pump.

He was also kinda miffed that she hadnt gotten any insulin or test strip
supplies in the month since diagnosis; thus wasnt testing 3x per day!
She was 280 when tested.  If so she easily would have been in DKA and
probably dead.

 I remember when i was diagnosed at age 9, i was over 1500 when finally
admitted to ICU, and wasnt expected to live through the night.  I was
down with the chicken pox and my pediatrician didnt recognize the
signs...that was until i finally fell into unconsciousness in his
waiting room..  You know, drinking 2 gallons of Kool Aid per sitting,
peeing 24/7, and lighter by 30+ pounds.  I couldnt even stand up to be
weighed for at least a week's time due to all of the muscle loss.

FYI...  Dr. Benton just took her in to see the an endo about getting a
pump!  Should be nice for the overall exposure!


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