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These are telling facts, so read it please, and pass it on.

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Subject: Money = Life
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 11:48:36 -0500
From: "Joseph LaMountain" <email @ redacted>
To: email @ redacted

Since 1981, the proportion of the government's budget dedicated to
diabetes research has fallen 30%.  During that same period of time, the
diabetes death rate has risen 30%.

That's just one of the key facts included in Conquering Diabetes, the
final report of the congressionally-established Diabetes Research
Working Group (DRWG).  The report was formally presented to Congress
today at a Washington DC, news conference

The DRWG identified hundreds of opportunities in diabetes research that
are currently being missed because of a lack of funding.  To take
advantage of them, DRWG has recommended that the government spend $827
million on diabetes research this year, nearly double the current

For more details about the report and information on how you can help
convince Congress to fully fund diabetes research at $827 million this
year, please visit our website at www.diabetes.org/ada/new.asp#drwg.

Visit our advocacy webpage at www.diabetes.org/advocacy

Joseph LaMountain
National Director of Advocacy
American Diabetes Association
1660 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
(f) 703-549-8748

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