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Re: [IP] Question about mixing insulin??

> Hi Everyone, 
>  After visiting my endo today (new one), I was explaining to him
>  that the
> potency of the insulin in my pump (Humalog) does not last very long.
>  I recall reading in one of the prior posts that you can mix  the
> Humalog with another insulin.  I asked him about it and he had never
> heard of such a thing.  If any of you could possibly enlighten me on
> this subject, as to what kind, how much, etc., I would be forever
> grateful from you.  Thanks so much.

For some pumpers, Humalog seems to irritate the tissue in some way 
that causes the sites to degrade rapidly in as little as 24 - 48 
hours. Mixing a small amount of Velosulin with the Humalog moderates 
this problem in the experience of 3 - 5% of the pumpers on the mail 
list that are using this technique. I can only speak directly about 
the results as they pertain to my daughter (age 15) who had a 'very' 
difficult time getting a set to last more than 48 hours with straight 
Humalog. Before Humalog became available, she used Velsosulin and was 
always able to get at least 4 days on a site. She never tried longer. 
We reasoned that it had something to do with the insulin itself. 
Another pumper on the list mentioned that he had been mixing H/V for 
another reason, so we decided to try and see if a mix would extend 
the life of the site. Our initial trial was with H/V mixed 5/1, we 
also tried 4/1 (other pumpers have subsequently used 3/1, 2/1, 1/1 
etc...). The 4/1 produced too long a tail to satisfy Lily. The 5/1 
mixture had no noticable change in onset from straight H and had a 
tail that smoothed the peak to the extent that she no longer had to 
use square boluses for meals except pizza and mac+cheese. 5/1 was an 
instant hit with Lily. Her sites routinely go 4 days without 
problems. She changes her set twice a week on every 3rd then 4th day 
so she always changes on the same day and can have a fixed schedule.

There are some statistics on the ABOUT INSULIN PUMPERS page of the 
website that show the percentage of folks using the various mixes.

Hope this helps.

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