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In a message dated 99-02-25 08:08:24 EST, you write:

<<  When she does get home from work right now, she usually spends about 
 2 hours just charting for the Diabetes Education department, as the rest of 
 the department also does. >>
I can appreciate the hard work your wife does. Where I work, we all give 150%
for our patients. In spite of that, we are being downsized. I do not know
where I will be in the next 4 months from now. I hope it will be closer to my
daughters in Delaware. I know this is off topic for this list, but I have come
to know many of you, and am PROUD  to know all of you. So if I check out of
this group suddenly, I just want all of you to know it will not be anything
personal.  Anyone need a caring diabetes educator in MD, DE, or PA?

Barbara B. 
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