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[IP] Keep working at it....

Hi everybody,

Thanks for the input I received re - what to put on Erica  (my
helicoptor child) when she goes to bed.  We finally got the date for
pump startup  March 17th  YIPPEEE!!!  I know some of you will know how I
feel because it has taken us ALMOST A YEAR of letter writing, more
letter writing, phone calls, more phone calls, meetings, more meetings,
more phone calls....I think you get the drift.  Anyway, many times I
felt like giving up because it just seemed like I was coming up against
a wall.  When the insurer for the company my husband works for finally
agreed to pay 80% of the pump, pending a successful trial period, we
found out that my husband was basically sold to another company.  I
almost gave up again, after all that work and my husband was no longer
going to be working for the original company.  I kept calling ,writing,
and it ended up working out in our favour.  My husband's original
company agreed to honor their 80% co-payment on the pump, even though he
is no longer with them, and the new company is covering the supplies at
90%. What is that saying...."it is always darkest before the dawn"
We are also fortunate in that we have a 6 month free trial.  That takes
some of the pressure off.  Also, an angel I met through either this
posting or Children With Diabetes, it is so long ago now I forget where
we hooked up (pun not intended), is actually driving 5 hours to visit us
March 6/7  and introduce Erica to the pump.  Her son is on the pump and
she has been great over the past year, giving me information she used in
her insurance fight, and just plain keeping in touch and giving me the
nudge to keep going. I can't wait to meet them in person.
Anyway, to make this long story short...well, not too much longer
anyway,  and I know I have said it again.... You People Are The
Greatest.  I have been reading this digest for a loooong time, even when
the pump seemed like it would never happen, but all the positive things
that were said here made me want to get up and work at it again.  And
now that it is a reality...whoa!

Thanks again pumpers!  I am a really pumped up Mom counting down the

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