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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #835

At 02:18 PM 2/25/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
>Do i win a prize yet for having met the most of you guys???   Buddy, Jeff,
>Greg Legowski, Mary Bacon, Janine Shea, Stu Pelcyger, Brad Saks and now
>Michelle.  there are also a bunch of youse guys who are on my list to meet!!!
>look out - i may be coming to a town or city near you sooner than you think!!!
>When are you coming to Portland, Oregon?  The "famous" Sam on the list is also
>from Portland....that would make an interesting project, visiting all of the
>"pumpers" on the list.  If you are planning to visit Portland, I'd wait until
>July or August because right now it's cold, wet, rainy and grey!

But why give her a false impression... she'd never understand why we all 
have moss on our north-sides or web feet if she comes while it's sunny and 
hot. And, she'd just see a bunch of people in a daze, trying to figure out 
what that big bright yellow thing in the sky was.

(Oregonians don't tan... we rust)

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