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[IP] update

Michael and gang,

I just thought I would give you an update on the "appeal" for the pump. For
those that dont know the continuing saga...my 10 year old son was turned down
by our insurance because of age and not having diabetes long enough. (dx in

Along with our 3 page letter to Trigons Appeal Dept., we had a total of 8
letters from teachers, his school nurse, 4 doctors including his endo, etc. I
mailed them next day air 2 days ago...and now we wait. Our endo is willing to
do the 2 weeks trial period free with saline to see if Kevin likes it.  I feel
confident that this will work. When it does, we will now probably wait to hook
him up when school ends at the end of May. As a side note, my husband and I
own a business with 30 employees. I am the Group Administrator for this Trigon
insurance. We tried to pull some strings that way, but the Salesman didnt have
a lot of pull in that area. He put in a good word for us.

I am enjoying your posts. One question. I am unfamiliar with that insulin that
you are mixing with Humalog. Is it a longer acting? Velolusin?

Thanks for listening.

Pumped about pumping....soon


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