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Re: [IP] cyber meets reality

At 01:21 AM 2/25/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
>Do i win a prize yet for having met the most of you guys???   Buddy, Jeff,
>Greg Legowski, Mary Bacon, Janine Shea, Stu Pelcyger, Brad Saks and now
>Michelle.  there are also a bunch of youse guys who are on my list to meet!!!
>look out - i may be coming to a town or city near you sooner than you think!!!

Next time you pop up to the Portland, OR area... give us a ringy-dingy. 
There's lots of neat tourist spots to see... bring a raincoat, but it still 
would be fun. Give us a week or so notice so we can lock up the valuables. :-)


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