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[IP] bad sites

> I've been having a few problems with my set, insulin or pump I don't know 
> which and need some help discerning the problem.  Here's what has been 
> happening: for the last month sites don't appear to be lasting more than 
> 24 hours, I'm on humalog and when I change sets today I'm switching to 
> velosun, to see if using the buffered insulin will help.

Carol -- I'm a few weeks behind on the digest, so I hope you've long since
gotten your bad site problem worked out. However, I did want to let you
know that I had similar problems using just Humalog in my pump. Sites would
last 1-3 days, with lots of variation, and I never knew when one would
just stop working. When I started mixing Velosulin with my Humalog (I use
a 1:3 ratio), I started getting reliable 3 day sites again. I believe that
quite a few others on the list have had the same experience; it's the main
reason that many of us are now mixing H and V.

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