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[IP] cyber meets reality

Hey..just a note to let you know how rality s creeping into my little virtual
world of the IP list.   I met Michelle Piper (email @ redacted,com) yesterday and
we went to DISNEYLAND.  NOt only was it fun, but Michelle is soooo great - she
is as awesome as she sounds when she writes, and we had a blast...testing in
public...discussing the pros and cons of cotton candy and frozen pizza, and
debating on whether thunder mountain would have any effect on the eyeball
problems we both have...it had no effect, by the way and a good hting, cuz we
rode it twice...and space mountain and indiana jones and...and...and.  We both
maintained pretty damn good sugars all day!!  

Do i win a prize yet for having met the most of you guys???   Buddy, Jeff,
Greg Legowski, Mary Bacon, Janine Shea, Stu Pelcyger, Brad Saks and now
Michelle.  there are also a bunch of youse guys who are on my list to meet!!!
look out - i may be coming to a town or city near you sooner than you think!!!

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