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[IP] not a team player

MaxDog wrote in about his new adventures with pumping, and I am nodding my
head as I read your story...same for me for the first 15 or so years, and I am
so glad you have made the plunge and very heartily congratulate you on taking
the initiative to get yourself going.  I, like you, hate to wait, and as you
said, you had the 28 years of experience in taking care of yourself so why

HOWEVER (there is always a however...)

you wrote:
> Dr Neshiwat lectured me about how careless I had been for so 
> long & what problems would eventually catch up to me if I continued 
> that way.  [SNIP]   .....They feared what if I didn't understand what 
> could've happened. Finally, they did teach me what I'd calculated 
> wrong & how they knew better than me about my treatment. 

ARGHHGHGHGHGHG!!!  This is exactly why I detest the "general" medical
community.  In your case, this may have been a positive and reassuring method
to  enforce your "compliancy," and if it worked, GREAT.  as they say your
mileage may vary YMMV.   For me, this "syle" is probably why I had crappy
control for the 1st 15 years of my life!!!  15 years of lectures from imposing
doctors telling me and my mother that I was a bad person, a BAD CHILD, that I
was gonna go blind and lose my legs before I was 20; that I was not ever gonna
be able to have children...etc etc.  I did not tolerate this crap even when I
was young, and walked out of more doctor's offices that I can remember.

Dont tell me I am wrong!!!  I am NOT wrong.  my choices may not have been the
best for my treatment, but don't invalidate them just cuz they aren't what you
were taught in medical school or at your 14 hour "diabetes clinic"  This (in
my opinion) is not the way to endear someone to "care" for and ABOUT
themselves!!!  I am bad, I am wrong...Why should I bother taking control of
"my" diabetes if I am so bad and wrong...and besides..they never tell you
about the happy, healthy diabetes, just the sick and sad ones, so you are
SCARED STRAIGHT...didn't work for me.

Those doctors and nurses may know more about the science and standard
protocol, but by your taking the pump on yourself and beginning hte training,
you had already taught your self something they could never teach you - you
MUST be responsible for your self.  No team is going to be with you for the
rest of your life, as long or short as it may be, and if I as to run around
worried that my team of the day did not approve of my current standard
operating procedures, then i would be wasting a lot of my time, wouldn't I.  

Dont get me wrong, i am glad this worked for you and I hope your numbers are
flattening out how your team, and more importantly, YOU, want them to, but
don't gibe them all the credit.  You are the number 1 guy here....

who is in Irvine, with all her original body parts, and a bloody eye...STILL. 
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