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Re: [IP] Disetronic Call

At 07:21 AM 2/24/1999  Karen Cleaver wrote:
>He said he had been
>pumping for 10 years and would be happy to answer any questions I
>have.  I just thought what a wonderful follow-up system Disetronic
>has.  I had pretty much made up my mind about Minimed for me, but now
>I will have to seriously reconsider that.  Just wanted to pass that
>along since sometimes I've noticed some banter about 'likes' and

This sounds almost exactly like my experience, except my phone call was 
from MiniMed. That clinched my decision too. In my opinion, having a 
responsive local rep is very important. Having one who's also a pumper is 
even better (mine is a pumper too).

Enjoy pumping.


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