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[IP] For people who Live in Arizona-HB2158 and those that feel like writing


I don't understand all this political "stuff" but HB2158 passed the
first step.  Now it is going up against the House Rules Committee, so we
need to get those letters out again.  Remember, even family members not
living in AZ and / or friends can write on your behalf.  Basically get
anyone and everyone you can to write a letter.

HB2158 Would put a mandate on Insurance Companies to pay for Diabetes
Education in the state of AZ.  One of for states that does not already
have this in place.

Basically encourage the Committee and your Representatives to Vote "yes"
for HB2158.  Describe your experiences with diabetes, etc..  Our
Representatives really want to hear from their constituents.  It really
pays to take the time to write a letter.

Again, if you want more information and / or want a copy of my letter,
please email me privately at email @ redacted

The following are the names of the House Rules Committee along with
email address:
( I have heard they prefer snail mail letters. )

Wes Marsh, Committee Chairman    email @ redacted
Honorable Jeff Groscost, Speaker of the House
email @ redacted
The rest our Representatives
Mike Gleason
email @ redacted
Joe Hart                                    email @ redacted
Herchella Horton                        email @ redacted
Marilyn Jarrett                            email @ redacted
Karen Johnson                            email @ redacted
Ramon Valadez                           email @ redacted
Christine Weason                        email @ redacted
Jim Weiers                                  email @ redacted

Snail Mail:
1700 West Washington
Phoenix, AZ  85007

Please Please write those letters.  It's imperative we try to make a
difference in diabetes management.  In order to do that we must take
charge and let these people know of our needs.

Thank you,

ps.  Whoever reads this that is not in AZ, but would like to write a
letter on behalf of us, that would be great too!

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