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[IP] sports tape and stuff

With the tape MiniMed sends in the infusion set (IV-3000) call MINIMED and
tell them it is not sticking as well!! also ask them to send you the
non-sterile sof-set adhesive patch ref# MMT-172 and they will send it to
you for free, they will give you the schpeel to tell them you want this
tape with your next order, but it sticks SO MUCH BETTER.
	when i was in college i origionally was studding to be an athletic
trainer and so i have a ton of athletic tape-- and when my tape starts to
pull up on the edges, i usually stick some athl.tape but it tends to leave
some residue and also kinda irritated after i remove the set.
Hope this helps, 

Julie 22 y/o IDDM 14 years
pumping 3 weeks

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