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[IP] Why One List and Not the Other???

I am talking about the 24,900 list.  This was actually started just after I
got the idea to form my little "club".  Michael Robinton based the info on
his list from my primative one.  I don't have any fancy forms to fill out
like Michael as my list is just for interest and updated by me, by hand,
based on the information that I read in the new members profiles.  It is
highly likely that I have missed several peoples names.  I will gladly add
you to the list if you have had diabetes for over 20 years.  Just send me
the specifics.

The reason I keep asking for people to make sure they have signed up on the
other list is that is will automatically update your standing as time
passes.  The only way I have to do this is manually and because most people
just gave basic information to me # of years diagnosed rather than year
diagnosed it is highly possible that my list will quickly be out of date. 
I hate to just not use it anymore because I have put alot of time into it
and find it so inspirational to look at.

Diabetes for 31 years, pumping for 9

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