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[IP] Disetronic Call

About a month ago, I sent off for the Minimed and Disetronic videos
because I was thinking about getting a pump.  I received both videos,
looked them over, have been reading all your e-mails and I will be
going to my endo in March about the pump.  I just wanted to give a
Kudos to Disetronic.  Last night I got a phone call from a Disetronic
rep who asked if I had received the video and information packet and
had I made a decision about a pump yet.  I told him that I was seeing
my doctor in March to discuss it and he said "If you'd like, I'll give
you my 800 number so you can call after your appointment if you have
any questions your team is unable to answer."  He said he had been
pumping for 10 years and would be happy to answer any questions I
have.  I just thought what a wonderful follow-up system Disetronic
has.  I had pretty much made up my mind about Minimed for me, but now
I will have to seriously reconsider that.  Just wanted to pass that
along since sometimes I've noticed some banter about 'likes' and
'dislikes' between Minimed and Disetronic.

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