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[IP] sports tape and stuff

discovered something new today! sports tape is wonderful for keeping a
softset in place.  i just put two pieces of tape over the whole set
(already taped in place with the terrible non-sticky miserable excuse for
skin tape minimed sends us) and for the first time in a while had no
problems with the set trying to pull out. yipee! (now i'm just trying to
delay the wonderful experience of trying to get it OFF my skin!...) so if
anyone is having trouble, give it a try.

in other news, the weather here in new haven is freezing and i can't
back to diabetes -
in two weeks i'm going up to joslin medical center to do the DO IT program
- has anyone done this before? i've heard a lot of good things about it
and i'm hoping it'll be worth it ... then again as with all diabetes care,
it's what you make it i guess (this has long been a problem in my
lazy-butt case =) ) 

i got very few messages today too - guess we're all living lives outside
of our computers (oh no! breaking free of the internet addiction? whatever
shall we do? just kidding, thankfully ...)

have a good night, y'all.


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