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Re: [IP] Cheap source for infusion sets?

Matt wrote:
>Ideally, I'd like a place that offers shopping online.  Since I think I'm
>stuck paying out of pocket, I'm *really* interested in finding something
>cheaper than MiniMed's listed price of $97 for 10 catheters and infusion
>sets (yowch!).  I realise that "Silhouette" = "Tender" = "Comfort" so sites
>selling any of those would be fine.

Disetronic offers on line ordering of supplies. I'm not sure of their
prices, but it's worth a peek. Visit http://www.disetronic.com/order/
You'll need to register to access the ordering system.

Fifty - 50 pharmacy also offers pump supplies on line. Their listed price
for the Tenders (10 cannulas and 10 tubes) is $103. You might save some
money by ordering the "Tender 2" sets. They have 2 cannulas for each tube.
You only change the tubing every other cannula change. The price for these
at Fifty - 50 is $83 for 5 tubes, 10 cannulas. This is approximately a one
month supply, if you change the cannula every three days. The cost savings
is pretty decent. Fifty - 50 is located at: http://www.fifty50.com/

I know there are other on line suppliers, these are simply the two I've had
the most experience with. Like all other internet related things, on line
does not always equate to "best". Shop thoroughly.
Bob Burnett

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