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Re: [IP] Cheap source for infusion sets?

> Ideally, I'd like a place that offers shopping online.  Since I think I'm
> stuck paying out of pocket, I'm *really* interested in finding something
> cheaper than MiniMed's listed price of $97 for 10 catheters and infusion
> sets (yowch!).  I realise that "Silhouette" = "Tender" = "Comfort" so sites
> selling any of those would be fine.
The Comfort/Tender/Sil Sets come in a package with twice as many 
infusion "needles" as tube sets. Cost less than the 10/10 package. 
Just ask them about it.

> I'm also going to see if I can get MiniMed to swap me some Silhouettes for
> some of the SoftSetQRs they sent me with my pump.  I suspect they will, but

They will, did that last month for my daughter.
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