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[IP] re: Shift work

I went through med school and residency doing two then three shots a day.
After a 24 hour shift and looking at another 12 to 36 hours still to go, I
would often be showing mild ketones by morning.  These were pre-humalog days
so it would be awhile till the Regular of the am shot kicked in.  On call
nights were so variable in stress , food and exertion that my glucoses were
terrible.  I often wish that I had been on a pump then.  Having been on a pump
for the past 5...almost 6 years makes me realize how much easier it would have
been!  Just my opinion...I'm not an endocrinologist, and I work only regular
daytime hours now.  You could use the input of some people on the pump AND
doing shift work.  Good Luck.  Linda
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