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[IP] Shift Work...

Hi everyone,																				I live in Pennsylvania and work as a
dispatcher for 911. Of course,this involves different shifts,mostly between
4-mn and 8am-4,but also 12hr shifts at least once a week and sometimes back-
to-back shifts(leaving at midnight,back in at 8am) I developed diabetes about
3 months after starting this job 2 years ago(was working night shift
then....12mn-8am) I had previously worked at a local hosp for 10yrs and was
forced to change jobs due to downsizing.......I like my job,but at times
involves long hours,of course,shift work, and at times can be very
stressful.....just looking for others who work diff shift hours and opinions
on this and the effect it has on their diabetes....presently,I inject between
3-5 times /day,depending on the day,my activity level,my work
schedule,etc....am seriously considering going to the pump in the near
future.																							Thanks......Sue
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