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Re: [IP] What to buy?

Duck And Barb

> is out because she is like a helicopter blade when she sleeps.

I am more of the "helo" copter version of sleeper.  I wear a T-shirt with a
pocket in it.  Like a Haines, plain old T-shirt.  Sometimes when I wake up
in the morning the helo has been doing a number and the pump is out of the
pocket, but I quickly discover that.  I am a pocket person.  I just like to
slip it away.  I've also dropped my pump a few times on the floor and I
think I come out in worse shape than the pump.  :-)  Even one time in the
shower I dropped it.  Again, pump 1 Fran zippo.  :-)

I'll also have to agree with Michael, that she'll find what works best for
her with time.  Personally I wouldn't put out a lot of money up front.
She'll be so happy with the pump that all the little gadgets won't matter.
Just my two cents.


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