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Re: [IP] What to buy?

Hi Neighbour!.. Since I started pumping, I clip my 507C onto the band of my
PJ's..in front..I haven't had any problems at night.. but when sleeping on
my stomach, I have a
tendency not to hear the alarm going off..thank gawd my hubby has good ears

Duck And Barb wrote:

> Hi there.  My daughter Erica will be pumping soon, I hope, and I wanted
> to purchase a few things to help her carry the pump comfortably.   I saw
> on a site......someone here mentioned it, a comfortable looking thing
> which was worn around the waist.  I thought it would be something great
> for bedtime.  I heard all the 'thigh thing' horror stories, and they
> wouldn't work on my 10 yr old anyway.  Putting the pump under her pillow
> is out because she is like a helicopter blade when she sleeps.  Never
> wakes up under blankets.  I thought if I used the thing for around the
> waist, I think they said it was velour, that her chances of dropping the
> pump in the toilet or pulling her infusion set out would be diminished.
> Also, has anyone had any experience with the clip n'go.  I saw that too,
> and was wondering if people liked it.  I live in Canada and with the
> exchange rate etc., I don't want to buy something that just does not
> work. Ouch!  Any ideas anyone could give me would help.  I did read
> something about putting it in a baby sock and pinning it to the inside
> of pyjamas, but with Erica's extremely active bed aerobics, I would be
> worried about her puncturing herself.  Any tips would be welcome!!
> Thanks,
> Barb.
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