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[IP] Re: what to buy

After 5 years with the pump (the OLD one..a 506) I have an assortment of
accessories that live in the drawer.  The spring clip probably comes with the
pump now and is pretty handy for TEMPORARY clipping to bra or panties during
changing. I bought a waist it thing that you are talking about and find it
very comfy for sleeping but I'm not a "helo blade" so the pump is usually just
on the bed (but I'm pretty careful to have a good adhesive site.) It is
particularly nice to have on under nightgownsand nightshirts.  I like my night
shirt with the pump pocket from minimed, depending on how big your daughter
is, it could work.  (I've never yet dropped mine in the toilet but it's taken
a couple slams on the floor)    LSM
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