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Re: [IP] What to buy?

> I wanted
> to purchase a few things to help her carry the pump comfortably.   I saw
> on a site......someone here mentioned it, a comfortable looking thing
> which was worn around the waist.
Nah..... as a dad of a pumper, I would wait. She'll figure it out 
with some suggestions.

>  Putting the pump under her pillow
> is out because she is like a helicopter blade when she sleeps.  Never
> wakes up under blankets.
Might work better than you think. Try a large safety pin on the 
"side" of the bed horizontally, just slip the clip through the pin 
and let her go to sleep. Or get an ace bandage and wrap it once 
around the bed and clip the pump to the bandage so it won't fall off 
the bed when she pin-wheels.

How would you like to sleep with a "pack" around your waist.

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