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[IP] What to buy?

Hi there.  My daughter Erica will be pumping soon, I hope, and I wanted
to purchase a few things to help her carry the pump comfortably.   I saw
on a site......someone here mentioned it, a comfortable looking thing
which was worn around the waist.  I thought it would be something great
for bedtime.  I heard all the 'thigh thing' horror stories, and they
wouldn't work on my 10 yr old anyway.  Putting the pump under her pillow
is out because she is like a helicopter blade when she sleeps.  Never
wakes up under blankets.  I thought if I used the thing for around the
waist, I think they said it was velour, that her chances of dropping the
pump in the toilet or pulling her infusion set out would be diminished.
Also, has anyone had any experience with the clip n'go.  I saw that too,
and was wondering if people liked it.  I live in Canada and with the
exchange rate etc., I don't want to buy something that just does not
work. Ouch!  Any ideas anyone could give me would help.  I did read
something about putting it in a baby sock and pinning it to the inside
of pyjamas, but with Erica's extremely active bed aerobics, I would be
worried about her puncturing herself.  Any tips would be welcome!!

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