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Dahedi pump (Re: [IP] dex/dahedi (new pump)/type ii's on pumps/pens)

kelly shaughnessy <email @ redacted> wrote:

>regarding the dahedi meter that i asked about here a month or so ago,
>i did get some information.  the dahedi is a new pump that is actually
>owned by disetronic. it has been approved in europe.  from what i
>know, it is similar to current pumps from minimed and distronic in
>price and effectiveness.  i don't have enough details to know if it
>has square wave and am not sure if it is waterproof.  the major
>difference i have heard of that it is 2/3 the size of the other two
>not sure who will be distributing it here, however.  the dahedi is at
>the FDA currently and i have heard it could be approved as early as
>March/April.  it is selling under a different company name,
>apparently, in Europe.  i believe disetronic doesn't want it to
>compete with the h-tron, but wants to have another offering out there
>-- so they will likely use another company to distribute in the US,
>but this is mere conjecture on my part as I am not sure.

I just went to www.altavista.com and did a search for "dahedi," and it
found a few webpages for me.  They were in German, so I had to use
altavista's translation service, and hence had to read them in somewhat
garbled English, but I managed to glean a bit more information.

The most useful page appears to be some kind of quarterly report from/about
Disetronic, dated November 1998.  Apparently, this pump was developed by a
Dutch company (itself named Dahedi, I believe), and is "the smallest
insulin pump of the world" [sic, translation program].  Disetronic seems to
have bought or formed an alliance with this company.  This web page
mentions that this pump may be on the market in the autumn, though I'm not
sure which market this refers to.  The page also says that Disetronic feels
that with the 507c MiniMed "has technologically drawn even" and the new
Dahedi is meant to reestablish a technological advantage.

Please note that the accuracy of this information isn't established.  It
seems to be from a company that offers Disetronic stock as part of a
portfolio.  The original URL, in German, in case anybody wants to go check
it out, is:


Also, *I* am not arguing the relative merits or technological supremacy of
Disetronic and MiniMed; just reporting what I found online.

DejaNews found a couple of articles which included "dahedi" but none were
in English.

Another point of information is that the domain "dahedi.com" is registered
to Disetronic.  www.dahedi.com also exists, but at the moment is simply a
"Reserved Domain" at mhs.ch, apparently a Swiss ISP and Web Hosting


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