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Re: [IP] miss america

>From email @ redacted listserv.

She's coming on 3/5 and she's the draw for a fundraiser at the Four Seasons
Hotel to benefit the local ADA.  Our pump group is to be admitted and fed at
cost, something that was Miss America's idea.

I understand that the facilitator for "Just Pump It", Traci Lerche was
instrumental in getting Nicole Johnson to come to Austin, and will be her
escort for her visit, riding in the limo and what have we.

E-mail Traci at email @ redacted

As for my own personal timing:  I'm leaving for two weeks in Paris on 3/2.
So maybe I'll be able to see her at a future meeting one of Insulin-Pumpers
sets up after speaking with Traci.

Good fortune and stable bgs to all.

email @ redacted

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From: email @ redacted <email @ redacted>

> hi can the person out there in austin tx tell me how miss america  was at
>there support group i tried to ask miss america to come to my support group
>but i never got a answer from her thanks

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