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[IP] Vaculance


Yes the vaculance wouldn't work on the fingertips, as
already pointed out.  I've had one of these for probably 6
months.  It is ok, but there have been some experiences.

I use it on the palms, the forearms, and the thighs.  The
forearms are most convenient, but there are some major blood
vessels running through there and not all are on the
surface.  I've gotten some wicked bruises.  The palm can
also do some non-trivial bruising.  Although the depth is
set-able, I'm not too good at getting enough blood and not
causing problems in these two areas.  Most of the time I use
my thigh and consider it a short vacation for my

One of the other aspects of this that I use is that you can
still pump the blood.  Sometimes, my initial puncture and
subsequent vacuum pull does not yield sufficient blood.  At
these times, I push the trigger partially and slowly release
it (the procedure to pull the vacuum) and after a couple of
additional pulls, there is enough blood.

Bottom line, I wouldn't throw away my BD Lancet, but the
vaculance does have a place in my test kit.

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