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[IP] To "disgusted"

I'm new to this list stuff so bear with me.  This is long but I hope some of
this helps.  I'm NOT new to pumping (5 years) and patience is required at
first (a sense of humor helps).  1.  I hated the metal needles (agree OUCH!!)
and though my doctor always started people with them, if it hadn't been for
the soft-set I wouldn't be pumping.  2.  I started IMMEDIATELY after giving
birth and the doughy texture of my less than in shape abdomen would NOT let me
keep a soft-set in.  SO, I used my thighs for awhile.  3.  It is imperative
for me to prep in this way or else my site loosens or I get irritation....I
use pHisoHex (needs a script) as the antibacterial..then clear it away with
alcohol (otherwise site won't adhere)..Let dry, bake at 350
degrees...Ooops...got carried away.  No really, then I use a barrier
protective spray called Skin-Prep from Smith Nephew (no script neeeded) at a
local med supply store.  Let dry and apply site.   Sray again and dry, cover
whole thing with polyskin II or somehting.  I never try to apply if I've
bathed in the past hour or two, and after I've put a fresh site in, I try to
not shower for many hours.  Guys won't like it, but if you wear post op mesh
panties in the tub or shower, the site won't lift. 

I timed it at first.  Took me an hour to change a site  Very frustrating with
a newborn and a toddler in the house.  You get alot faster real quick.

Just like with an occasional injection, if you got the insertion site through
a small vessel, it'll bleed surprisingly more than most other times when you
remove it.  Have learned to have a cotton square handy.  Don't let it phase

Make sure that you are generously moving the plunger of a new syringe ALL the
way around and ALL the way up and down before you fill it.  There's a
lubrication on it I understand and this seemed to have been a factor in some
problems I had once.

Hope it helps.  Good luck..hang in there...LSM 
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