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Re: [IP] Water sports

On Sun, 21 Feb 1999, Herb Newell wrote:

> I know its only February, but here in Alabama we are already thinking =
> about going to the lake/pool/beach.  I have the Minimed 507 my doctor =
> loaned me since January, and am waiting on my own 507C (insurance =
> companies!!!).  What do you do about your pump when you are active in =
> watersports?  I know I can take it off (Silhoutte infusion set) for a =
> short swim, but what about longer swims, like snorkling or sailing?  =
> None of the cases I have seen are anything other than water "resistent", =
> which doesn't mean water "proof".
for swimming, you may actually need additional carbo intake because of 
heat lose through skin conduction into the water. For snorkling this is 
much more likely than swimming. My daughter, age 15, needs 10 - 15 grams 
of carbo an hour when snorkeling with a wet suit in 72 degree water. Her 
carbo requirement is about the same for a competition swimming workout in 
82 degree pool water. For casual swimming, she is about even when her 
pump is off if she is in and out of the water constantly, just playing. 
This is one of those things where YMMV. You must be observant and record 
your results for various activities. For off-shore snorkeling, I would 
recommend that both you and your dive buddy carry glucose gel in a sealed 
tube so you have a source of carbo should it be needed immediately.

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