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Re: [IP] Site problems

pazit leibovich wrote:
> This is the second day that I have the same problem: I get up fine, and than
> the morning bolus seems to have no effect. After having more than 400 after
> lunch, I changed the site. When I pulled the old one out it bled a little.
> The first one was in for 3 days, the second for 1 day.
> I use sofset.
> Is it possible it was in a blood vassal for 3 days without me feeling
> anything?
> How come it was fine for half a day (Ichanged before dinner and had great
> BGs in both evening), and than stopped working?

I used SofSets for about 9 monthsa after I got my MiniMed 506 in 1993. Then
I saw an ad for Pureline Comforts (which are now also sold as Disetronics
or MiniMed Silhouettes) and found this kind of problem doesn't happen with them.
Been using them ever since.

What I think happens is that the straight in setting of the SofSets leadds to
trouble when they are pushed into the belly, as in rolling on the asleep in
bed. Think they push in, then retract when you take the pressure off. Do this
a few times and they may get either crimped or fill the tip of the canula with
solid tissue. Or conversely they may be pulled out when in motion and go back in
with resistance at the canula tip, which makes them either crimp or move around, 
possibly hitting a blood vessel in the process.

That's why I use Comforts, they go in on a slant from the side of the base
the skin, and can flex under motion. Chances of crimping or changing location
MUCH less than with SofSets, IMHO.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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