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[IP] dex/dahedi (new pump)/type ii's on pumps/pens

regarding the Dex, i do like it (i am also a tester for them) and
think when it is released, it will have some appeal though i don't
think it will take over market.  the aspect i like best is that you
don't have to stop and put in a test strip every time you test, just
every ten times (putting in "disc" of ten strips).  i have had trouble
w/readings all over the place as well, though lately since i make sure
to get a good-sized drop of blood to use, there hasn't really been a
problem.  i also had trouble, by the way, not using enough blood
w/fast-take though now since i know it can be a problem, i make sure
drop of blood isn't too small.  that is one advantage of medisense --
it doesn't give a reading -- and won't even begin -- if there isn't
enough blood.  

also, regarding the dex, i also strongly dislike the holder!  what i
did however is merely put it in a fast-take case (i got another
fast-take free when one burned out) which is very small.  it fits if
you use the dex lancing devise which i strongly prefer to penlet ii

regarding the dahedi meter that i asked about here a month or so ago,
i did get some information.  the dahedi is a new pump that is actually
owned by disetronic. it has been approved in europe.  from what i
know, it is similar to current pumps from minimed and distronic in
price and effectiveness.  i don't have enough details to know if it
has square wave and am not sure if it is waterproof.  the major
difference i have heard of that it is 2/3 the size of the other two

not sure who will be distributing it here, however.  the dahedi is at
the FDA currently and i have heard it could be approved as early as
March/April.  it is selling under a different company name,
apparently, in Europe.  i believe disetronic doesn't want it to
compete with the h-tron, but wants to have another offering out there
-- so they will likely use another company to distribute in the US,
but this is mere conjecture on my part as I am not sure.

by the way, i am wondering if anyone on this list is Type II and has a
pump?  i had heard that they are starting to be used more in this
population, but a friend of mine with type ii wants one and the
insurance company says no way, it is for type 1s only.  if anyone has
any experience with this if you could e-mail me at
email @ redacted that would be great!  she has started to use pen
-- i guess the pen is becoming more popular.

if anyone else hears any more about the dahedi, i would be very
interested!   am just curious -- i am quite happy with my 507C.  my
latest hba1c was down to 6.2!  i know that is only average for this
group but i was quite happy as i was 7.8 pre-pump.  yay!  take good

by the way, the last thing is the minimed meeting on feb 26 (friday!)
to discuss the continuous monitor.  if it is approved, i would like to
try it.  i don't know that my doctor will be one of the first to have
it though -- do any of you in the bay area know any doctors who plan
to have it early on?  i would love to get 3 days worth of data to see
my blood sugar levels!  i think this would be very helpful in
fine-tuning my basal rates.  thanks!


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