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Re: [IP] Still Disgusted...

In a message dated 2/21/99 4:40:02 PM EST, email @ redacted writes:

 thought i might be inserting incorrectly. It is working great and I wish the
 tenders would work because I like them the best.
Joey is now doing okay with tenders too.We are inserting his at 10 degrees.
The one thing we have done is removed paper from adhesive backer before
inserting.This way he doesn't seem to be bending the catheter while sticking
his fat fingers behind to pull it off.     Good luck and don't give up!!Joey
has been pumping for 1 month and two days and we've changed his set 20
times.If you need to vent you can write to us email @ redacted
Doreen-mom of 2 pumpers
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